Why you should use FeinCMS instead of other Django-based CMS.

Bundled Content Types

FeinCMS comes with a few useful content types ready for you to integrate.

Rich text

FeinCMS comes with a bundled rich text content consisting of a single field. The default editor is a TinyMCE instance. Support for CKEditor is included, and other rich text editors can be easily integrated.

Media files

Upload any media file - FeinCMS is able to display most of them in an intelligent manner, falling back to offering the file with a download link.


Just copy-paste a link to Vimeo or Youtube - the video will automatically be embeded on the page. No need to copy the full embed code and adjust video sizes for your website anymore.


Embed a list of comments and a comment form on any page of your choice.

Raw Content

A way to include HTML / JavaScript on your site. Not recommended for most uses, but sometimes it's easier to include a bits of HTML directly through this facility.

Application content

Include third party Django applications as reusable components. This content type is able to wrap a django-registration installation without modifications.


Not everyone needs support for multilingual content. Not every website manager knows how to do proper SEO. Instead of confusing the user with fields he or she won't ever need, FeinCMS allows you to add functionality only when you really need it. Extensions are the built-in way to dynamically add capabilities to your own CMS.

Bundled extensions

  • changedate
    Track creation and modification dates.
  • ct_tracker
    Store denormalized information about available content types in the database. Reduces the amount of database queries needed to deliver a page to a client.
  • seo
    Add fields to modify meta keywords and a description for search engine optimization.
  • datepublisher
    Date-based publishing of pages.
  • navigation
    Third party navigation extension. It's possible to easily add new navigation entries which do not directly correspond to page objects in the database.
  • relatedpages
  • sites
    Multisite extension. Support for running several sites from one database using Django's own django.contrib.sites facility.
  • translations
    Support for multilingual websites. Adds a language field to each page and allows the website administrator to define a page as a translation of another page, thereby enabling deeplinks between different language versions.
  • featured
  • symlinks
  • titles
  • excerpt
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