FeinCMS can be easily extended with your own content types and extensions. More advanced users might want to reuse individual components of FeinCMS inside their own applications.

  • Elephantblog

    Elephantblog reuses FeinCMS' ItemEditor for its blog entries. It allows bloggers to add rich text blocks, media library files and custom content types.

  • Video Channel

    FeinCMS video(audio) media files presented in youtube like manner in a "channel". 

  • FeinCMS forum

    Forum application for discussions.

  • FeinCMS articles

    This is an extensible FeinCMS content article system for Django, designed to provide a simple Article model that is extensible.

  • Oembed

    feincms-oembed converts standard URLs from more than 200 content providers into embedded videos, images and rich article previews by letting Embedly or another oEmbed provider do the hard work.

  • django-markupmirror

    Field and widget for editing markup text with live-preview. Comes with a Page extension content-type for FeinCMS.

  • Gallery

    This is a gallery app and contenttype for Feincms. It allows for several gallery 'types', each with its own template, css and javascript files. It comes packed with several pretty types ready for use.

    The admin is Drag&Drop.

  • Form Designer

    Allows the site administrator to create custom forms for the website. The collected data can be stored and exported or immediately sent to an email address.

  • Pennyblack

    Penyblack is a newsletter module based on the CMS building toolkit. E-mails can either be sent as mass mails (e.g. monthly newsletter) or as part of a customised workflow (e.g. user clicks on a link and in response to that your application sends out an e-mail).

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